Kirt Primeaux
Who I am is someone that loves to create an environment of success for others and to help them celebrate their wins and cultivate growth from their losses. At my core, I love to teach. I love to serve. I love to encourage. My greatest achievements will always be my children and the legacy of love and leadership they leave the world. The rest is what I do.

I am the Broker and Managing Partner of Redleaf Real Estate in Tyler, TX. We are a specialized boutique real estate firm with focuses in Residential, Commercial, REO, and Investment properties. My passion is working with my bank clients and investors and coaching new agents in their real estate career.

I enjoy working with numerous companies and developers as a marketing and business consultant.

I am fascinated with the securities markets and consider myself a proficient technical operator.

My hobbies seem to be more narrow in focus that evolves through the balance of life and children but you can find me at the gym around 6AM for "my time".
Redleaf Real Estate
10935 County Rd 159 Tyler, TX 75703

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